Your Company Culture Shouldn’t Just Be Great—It Should Be Distinctive

by Denise Lee Yohn, Just as brand differentiation helps attract customers, culture differentiation helps attract the right employees. But while it’s popular to focus on corporate culture, not many companies have a truly distinctive culture. This is the equivalent to a marketing department saying, “We need to have a strong brand”—without articulating what that strength will […]

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference By Rebecca Knight, “The fact that technology has made it easier to interact with people across great distances and time zones actually makes face-to-face interaction even more valuable.” Conferences are an overwhelming rush of presentations, conversations, and potential meet-ups, and it can be tough to […]

A List of Goals Is Not a Strategy (HBR) by Graham Kenny

Let’s say you’re getting together with other managers and employees to develop your organization’s or unit’s strategy. No matter how much discussion and enthusiasm you bring to the task, you’re likely to emerge with a list that looks like this: Growth Superior operational outcomes through efficient work practices Becoming competitive in an existing market Increasing […]