How Tate Modern is using digital technology to create new experiences for visitors

from Creative Review Designed by Herzog and de Meuron, the Switch House is an impressive and imposing building, with raw concrete walls, sweeping staircases and large, bright galleries with exposed ceilings. An open terrace on the top floor offers a panoramic view of London. On the building’s fourth floor is Living Cities – a collection of artworks which looks at artist […]

Solve Problems and Test Ideas Faster with Google Ventures’ Design Sprint Framework

From Zapier  The best ideas always seem to come at the last minute. There’s a project with a crazy deadline, a blank spot in this week’s editorial calendar, or an impromptu speech an hour from now. Somehow, you rise to the occasion and pull something together—something that’s accidentally brilliant. Constraints work. They force us to try […]

Quenching Consumers’ Thirst for ‘Authentic’ Brands

Richard Littlewood, the president of G.J. Littlewood & Son, a fiber dye house in Philadelphia, recently welcomed a client, Soraya Darabi, to his plant. Littlewood colorizes wool and synthetic fibers for products ranging from pea coats for the Navy to N.B.A. mascots, from high-fashion pieces to home-crafting supplies. Mr. Littlewood develops colors and then dyes […]

Tucson, an Unsung Architectural Oasis

From the “People tend to come to Tucson to figure something out,” Demion Clinco remarked one cool desert evening, beneath a sky so boundless it made all things seem possible. We were seated on the terrace of the 85-year-old Arizona Inn, drinking anachronistic cocktails. The cocktails produced an optimism of their own. Pulling on […]

Are Some Fonts More Believable Than Others?

Are some fonts more believable than others? A curious experiment by documentary filmmaker Errol Morris suggests as much. After polling approximately 45,000 unsuspecting readers on, Morris discovered that subjects were more likely to believe a statement when it was written in Baskerville than when it was written in Computer Modern, Georgia, Helvetica, Trebuchet, or Comic Sans. Baskerville: truth’s […]

City Museum

Description from This Is Colossal A 10-Story Former Shoe Factory Transformed into the Ultimate Urban Playground by  – written by Christopher Jobson on June 2, 2015 Housed in the former home of the 10-story International Shoe Company, the sprawling 600,000 square-foot City Museum in St. Louis is quite possibly the ultimate urban playground ever constructed. […]

NO DICKHEADS! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, and Creative Teams. Rhys Newman and Luke Johnson

Originally from Medium: link to the original INTRODUCTION There is a perpetuated myth within the design community, that a single visionary is required to build great products. Rubbish. Great teams build great products; moreover, in my experience, the greatest teams prioritize and nurture a healthy and positive internal culture because they understand it is critical to the […]

The grid is the underwear of the book

“The grid is the underwear of the book” – Massimo Vignelli from Dezeen Legendary New York book designer Massimo Vignelli describes his process when laying out a publication in this movie by design consultancy Pentagram. Vignelli explains how he begins a book design by laying paper over a simple grid for positioning images and text, […]